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Life Coaching

Life is full of reward, disappointment, contentment, sadness, joy, grief, stimulation, monotony and many other varied experiences. Occasionally we are victims or beneficiaries of events and situations. But most of the time what happens in our life is the result of the choices we make. Our choices can have positive and negative consequences.


The coaching I offer will give you the evaluative tools and resources to make important, growth producing decisions for living your life. I do this by asking you relevant and relatable questions to nudge you toward action and accountability, which will result in greater confidence along the way of life.

Not FOR Profit Leadership Coaching

Leading NFP organizations and the people involved in, and affected by your management, is hard work! You’ll find yourself accountable to Directors, clients, employees, volunteers, the community in which you live, and, most importantly, to yourself. The decisions you make will seem, at times, both monumental and mundane. As your coach, my role is to help you implement and update your mission and vision, and clarify what choices work best for your organization and benefit the greatest number of people.

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HeaLth Care Professional CoachinG

In my thirty-five years as a hospital chaplain, I have ministered alongside nurses, physicians, social workers, respiratory therapists, first responders and other health care workers. I’ve personally experienced, and have shared with them in their grief, guilt, and moments of joy. I’ve observed how directors and administrators struggle with life-changing decisions. I consider coaching people in these professions both an honor and a privilege.

CLERGY Coaching

Faith communities of all types are at a crossroad. For many churches it’s thrive, die, or just linger on. Clergy are among the most stressed of all professionals: How does one lead worship, render quality spiritual care, and guide a congregation toward a hopeful future while maintaining a vital family and private life? Clergy in specialized ministries such as chaplaincy and pastoral counseling have their own fears and hopes. With over forty years in professional ministry, I can help you identify and grow into your strengths, as you set achievable goals for yourself and your congregation or ministry.

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Life Transition Coaching

Life is full of transitions: the various stages of life such as beginning a career, managing mid-life crises, retirement, and aging. You may be transitioning from one work setting to another or advancing within a workplace. With all of this there is grief, loss, and new beginnings. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. My role as your coach is to help you discover what is possible in your life, how to prepare for it, and how to face it head on with enthusiasm and excitement rather than fear.